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The original eco-design leads the design trend

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Living in the city of the city people, in the flourishing pursuit of the shadow, showing a fledged gesture. So the village vacation has become the trend, the pastoral style reorganization mode. All kinds of natural life design of the wind, once again hit us ... ...
      Mr. Lin Yutang said: "The ideal life of the world Datong is living in the British village, the room filled with the United States of water and electricity gas pipe, please a Chinese cook, marry a Japanese wife, and then find a French lover." This is how people Longing, comfortable and full of romantic life. Why? Because such a free romance itself is another explanation for the return to nature.

Selection of Wuyi mountains of high density compact wood 

Natural natural made 

With simple design 

But add more industrial traces 

Keep the essence of the forest 

Each lamp is a unique artwork

original design 

Patented product 


Luodan Kai naturally made 

Applicable to Nordic, Jane, pastoral, IKEA and other styles

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