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Artistic rejuvenation concerns about the Japanese market

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Artistic tour activates China 's passion for contemporary Japanese art collection

Early in December by the Tokyo Art Fair (ART FAIR TOKYO) organizers --- general corporate art Tokyo planning "art trip" in the capital of Tokyo and Ishikawa Prefecture capital Kanazawa hot start. The event aims to visit the field and discover the beauty of the art in the city so that more people who love art can understand the Japanese art and pay attention to the Japanese art market and warm up the Tokyo Art Fair held from 12 to 16 May 2016.

The art tour is aimed at the world's largest art market, China's art lovers and collectors, and tailored the itinerary for them. Invited to participate in the event is from Chongqing, 11 business elite, art practitioners and collectors, aged between 30-40 years old, they have been a number of media reports in China, known as Chongqing City new strength, with a good educational background and artistic taste.

Before the arrival of this team, Japan's largest newspaper one of the daily news has begun to preheat for the event, saying "This will be a simple burst travel to high-quality art travel important activities." When the entire team arrived in Kanazawa, the local Northland News, Daily News Kanazawa version and Toyama version were sent to reporters to follow the interview, and in the next day the newspaper published a significant section. "Today's Chinese tourist travel has not rigidly adhered to Tokyo, Osaka and other places, but want to travel to more taste of the cultural city to go." Elegant conversation and a deep understanding of the art, so that the Japanese for China Young and affluent class has a new understanding.

They visited the Kanazawa 21st Century Art Museum's permanent exhibition "History, Regeneration, and Future" in Kanazawa's two-day itinerary, and "Who Translated the World" and "The Ghost in Cell" at the same time.

Night Tokyo Art Fair executive producer to live in Mr. Yan Yan arrived in Kanazawa, in the local century-old shop Jincheng floor package for a whole team for the wind.

Kanazawa part of the trip in the visit to the local traditional gold foil handicrafts and the most famous East tea house on the cultural heritage after the perfect ending. The team came to Tokyo the next day to start a more intensive art institutions to visit and visit.

The first stop is 10 years did not hold a solo exhibition in Japan Murakami's "500 Lohan figure" exhibition, Tokyo Art Fair guest relations and overseas business as Mr. Li Yi for the team in-depth explanation, so that on the village Long no stranger to the Chinese collectors, for his creation with a new interpretation and interpretation.

Then, the team went to Japan's famous works of art and wine vaults - Terada warehouse to visit, and by the famous Japanese designer Kenzo Kumo design of high-level painting shop "Pigment" painting experience, the store on July 27 just Opened, of which more than 4200 kinds of natural mineral pigments and more than 200 pieces of Chinese ancient ink is a major highlight of the store.

Tang Tian Tian also generous for the team held a grand party, in addition to the team, the Terracotta warehouse CEO also specifically came back from Taiwan. Tokyo government, business, art of 70 guests gathered from the scale to the scene are in place.

The second day of the team went to the Tokyo Gallery for a visit, we listened to the oldest contemporary art gallery in Japan - Tokyo Gallery Gallery Mr. Yamamoto told his family history and the development of Japanese postwar art, The new artist portfolio Shimura Bros's work has been explained.

(SCAI THE BATHHOUSE), we are deeply shocked by the works of the important artist Li Yuhuan, who is on display, and is located in the hometown of the Japanese gallery.

After a brief four-day trip, the members and the different art institutions to establish contact, and interested in the works of art were discussed, members expressed something more to say, and similar to the Tokyo Art Fair next year to come again. General Tokyo officials also said that the future will be a variety of different depth and theme of the art of the trip, will be a panoramic view of the art of Japan introduced to the world. But also to the Japanese art market in the new work, recommended to the Chinese collectors.

ART FAIR TOKYO: Japan's largest art trade fair. Excellent gallery at home and abroad, works covering ancient art, craft, Japanese painting, Western painting and modern art and other forms. Tokyo Art Fair not only for the appreciation and purchase of various types and different years of art provides a professional platform, but also to spread the charm of Japanese art.

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